About Us

N.J. Community Development Group, LLC is dedicated to renewing urban communities by tapping into the rich history, cultural diversity and economic development infrastructure that adds to the vitality of communities. Our mission is to construct housing that stabilizes and revitalizes neighborhoods and promotes the social and economic well-being of the residents we serve and the communities we invest in. Giving local residents employment opportunities through our construction projects is also part of N.J. Community Development’s commitment to enhancing the economic vitality of the communities we serve. N.J. Community Development is a comprehensive real estate development and urban renewal company providing land acquisition, building and construction, project management and property management services.

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A Socially Responsible Approach

N.J. Community Development Group fosters a socially responsible approach toward community development that engages neighborhood associations, civic leaders, faith-based organizations and federal, state, county and municipal stakeholders in a dialogue that sets the foundation for effective planning. Our objective is to develop housing that responds to community needs. As cities seek to diminish poverty and rebuild social structures with diminishing resources, organizations like N.J. Community Development are vital partners in promoting the public good. At N.J. Community Development Group we care about people. This is reflected in the quality of our housing developments, the management of our properties and our commitment to employing local residents in our construction projects. Our collaborative approach toward development establishes a dialogue that helps us better understand and respond to community needs.